School of Technology

Cracking Coding Interview

World’s top software companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft etc follow a unqiue patter of interviews for software developers profiles. These are called “coding interviews”. 

TheRealEducation.com in partnership with Ritambhara Technologies offering this One Month Coding Interview Discussion course by Mr. Kamal Rawat (Founder & CEO, Ritambhara Technologies, Ex. Microsoft & Ex. Adobe). Daily 1 hour sesssion for 30 days.

Courses & Services offered:

  • Coding Interview Preparation (1 Month, Online LIVE classes)
  • Mock Coding Interview
  • Customized sessions on Dynamic Programming & System Design for senior tech professionals
  • Mentoring for competitive programming  

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is changing the world like never before. Every last organization is in the process of reinventing itself for the new world. 

TheRealEducation.com in partnership with CellStrat offering courses on AI & ML by Mr. Vivek Singhal (Co-founder CellStract, Chief cData Scientist).

Courses & Services offered:

  • CellStrat Research Fellow Program (6 Months)
  • CellStrat Prime AI Course (Self Paced/ Instructor Supported)
  • CellStrat AI Product Internship Program (CAIPI)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (Self paced, Instructor Supported)
  • Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (Certification Program by CellStrat) (Self-Paced, Instructor Supported)
  • Machine Learning Certification (Self Paced/ Instructor Supported)
  • Consulting & Customized Training

Python Training

Python has become one of the most famous language in recent time. Scope and application s of Python has spanned into various domains. 

TheRealEducation.com offering courses on Python by Mr. Vikas Jain (Founder, Adhyan & TheRealEducation.com).

Courses & Services offered:

  • Python for Begineers
  • Python for CXOs and Managers

Scratch & Python for School Students

Programming has been introduced at the school level. Scratch programming is designed by MIT University is an interactive and fun learning based programming language. Python has been introducted at school level in various schools around the world.

TheRealEducation.com offering courses on Scratch & Python by Mr. Vikas Jain (Founder, Adhyan & TheRealEducation.com).

Courses & Services offered:

  • Scratch Programming for School Kids
  • Python Programming for School Kids
  • Competitive Programming for School Kids

Other Courses

 Mr. Vikas Jain (Founder, Adhyan & TheRealEducation.com).

Courses & Services offered:

  • Become highly-paid World-class Expert & though leader in your Industry
  • Professional Speakers Masterclass – How to become highly paid, world-class professional speaker
  • Stress management & Emotional Well being coaching sessions by Vikas Jain