Professional Keynote Speaker

These days conferences are happening of various types including academic, research, corporate and more. Professional presentation is a professional speaking engagement where the speaker is “Paid” their speaking fee (not just honorarium) for delivering the presentation. Also conference speakers are one of the highest paid people in the world. 

The Real Education is on a mission to empower the knowledge ecosystem. One of the critical outcome of a powerful knowledge system is having really good subject matter experts. Conference organizers are constantly looking for these subject matter experts to speak at their conference and they are paid really well for their speech. Hence professional speaking is an interesting engagement for these subject matter experts as it creates additional stream of income.

We believe that by strengthening the professional speaking ecosystem, we are promoting a culture of developing subject matter experts. 

Topic Covered:

  1. Introduction to the World of Professional Speaking  
    1. Understanding professional speaking industry
    2. How to position yourself as professional keynote speaker
    3. Key things that conference organizers are looking from professional speakers
  2. Understanding various objectives behind professional speaking and aligning them with individuals need
  3. Different segments of Professional Speakers and variation in their speaking fee
  4. How to begin your “Speaking Career” journey while in job/running other business/other commitments
  5. How Professional Speaking can be an enabler in your existing business
  6. How to prepare your speech and improve your presentation delivery including public speaking skills
  7. How to position yourself in Market as Highly paid speaker
  8. How to step into global speaking market
  9. Finding right audience and conference, which value your message and pays as well
  10. Effectively using social media messages to get paid speaking engagements 
  11. Critical collaterals along with essential elements which has to be ready to get paid speaking engagements
  12. Gadgets and softwares to create effective posters, videos & audios
  13. Role of Professional Speakers Associations, Speaker Bureaus etc.

NOTE: One can choose the modules as per their preference and requirement. Contact us if you are interested in attending our upcoming webinar.