New Age Educators

With the changing business and social ecosystem, learning needs are also changing at an even faster pace. Organizations are getting disrupted through new-age technologies and innovations that require constant skilling, upskilling, reskilling, building industry-relevant knowledge, and more. This has led to the genesis of New-Age Education (part of our project “The Real Education”). In this New-Age Education, there are New-Age Educators such as Speakers, Coaches, Corporate Trainers, Seminar Leaders, etc to dissipate the knowledge and skills through seminars, conferences, and various other interventions.

To enable the ecosystem of Real Education, we are committed to empowering the new age educators with changing skills.

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Some of our programs for New Age Educators for empowering the community:

  1. Digital Mastery – How to use digital tools and technologies to enhance the learner’s experience like video creation, powerful presentation, audio recording, and more.
  2. Webinar Mastery – With COVID 19, the majority of the educators are delivering programs through webinars. This program is to enable educators with best practices to enhance the learning outcome while keeping the learners engaged
  3. Mastery Pathways – How to deep dive into the subject to become the subject-matter-expert
  4. Professional Speaking – How to become a professional speaker to share your expertise during conferences for a handsome fee
  5. Seminar/Webinar Model – Seminar (& Webinar) is a booming industry where people are looking for courses and coaches who they can connect and learn from

Train the Trainer Crash Course for Non-Educators:

Many times, training programs (live/webinars) are delivered by managers, leaders, and senior members of the team. These people are not “trained Trainers/Educators”. These best practices could help them in enhancing the learning outcome as attained by professional educators.

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Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain

Vikas is the founder of TheRealEducation.com. He is passionate about developing the Real Education Ecosystem supporting life long learning and bringing much needed fundamental change in School/College Education so that it remains relevant to the future. VikasJainlive.com

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