Scratch Program – Explaining LIST to Kids

How to explain list/array to kids?


List is quite a new subject and might become difficult to explain it to a kids. But if we explain a new concept with something which kids are already aware of then it become easier to explain new concept.

Example: Name/Number the Rooms in the School

So I took the example of naming and numbering the rooms in any School and kids are already aware of this.

For selected rooms we have names assigned like – Sports Room, Arts Room, Music Room. This can be understood as variable. And number of kids in that room could be understood as value.

So at any point of time we may have:


For but as we know for majority of the rooms, it’s not possible to name them individually. So what we do?

So we use numbers so Room No. 231

Now in computer we usually start the numbering from 0 instead of 1. I will be explain this also in another post, but for now, we can just assume that in our school room numbering follow whole number instead of natural number.

So here it goes:

1st Room Room No 000
2nd Room is Room No. 001
So 1000 rooms have  999

And now

Room[000] = 25 (which means Number of students in Room No. 000 is 25)
Room[001] = 15 (which means Number of students in Room No. 000 is 25)

Now if we want to calculate the total number of students in the school (assuming every kids is there in the class room number from 000 to 999)

Definte a new variable “TotalStudents”

For i from 0 to 999
TotalStudents = Room[i] + TotalStudents

Do let me know what do you think about this program? If you want I can write a code on scratch for the same for better understanding.

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