Real Education Movement

Education is an essential ecosystem for any society. There are various research articles and philosophers’ views confirming that putting together the direct and indirect impact of any ecosystem, the Education ecosystem has the most critical impact on the society, country, and world at large.

There are many research and views confirming that the current education ecosystem is not even closer to the ideal ecosystem. Also, there are views that if we observe deeply, in certain ways it’s even causing negative impact on society. But it seems that in the absence of any other equally acceptable form of Education ecosystem, we are willingly or unwillingly continuing with the current form of the education system. There are various educational reforms that happened in the past and numerous educational reforms that are currently happening in different parts of the world. But if we look at the macro level, the global education system is more or less the same.

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 talk about Quality Education for all. Though it seems that the current education ecosystem with policies and infrastructure, is not at all-sufficient to fulfill those goals.

This led to the realization that we need a Real Education Movement (#realeducationmovement) to develop Real Education Ecosystem.

What is Real Education

Against common perception of Education, which is limited to school and college qualification, Real Education is an umbrella term covering all aspects of learning, knowledge, human capabilities development for people of all ages. The purpose of Real Education is to empower every Individual to achieve desired growth in all aspects of life. Here are some “Principles of Real Education” which can further enhance the understanding of Real Education.

Ways to support the Real Education Movement

Different individuals based on their current roles in society can take part in this movement and work towards developing a Real Education Ecosystem which serves the current need of the world and empower the holistic human development.

  • As an individual, one can leverage “Real Education” for themselves and their family
  • As an Educator, one can leverage “Real Education” to enable the learners
  • As policymakers or person in power, one can focus on developing a Real Education Ecosystem with necessary policies and infrastructure in place
  • As an influencer or leaders, one can empower people with “Real Education”
  • As a wealthy leader, one can financially support the projects to strengthen Real Education Ecosystem

There are endless possibilities through which one can take part in the “Real Education Movement“. It’s not specific to any organization or individual but its the need of the hour for the betterment of the world.

Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain

Vikas is the founder of TheRealEducation.com. He is passionate about developing the Real Education Ecosystem supporting life long learning and bringing much needed fundamental change in School/College Education so that it remains relevant to the future. VikasJainlive.com

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