Supriya Joshi – Why I home-schooled my daughters – TED Talks India

When her children turned 12, Supriya Joshi made an unusual choice: she pulled them out of school and educated them at home. One MIT acceptance later, she reflects on why she made this choice … and how it reflected her own struggle as a child to succeed in school. Shah Rukh Khan asks for her advice for other parents (and her answer will surprise you). This talk was presented at an official TED event.

Supriya Joshi is a software engineer by qualification, but she quit her job to pursue her passion for research in education. She loves to explore different methods and tools of teaching, and she provides aid to different institutions for creative learning strategies.

Supriya Doshi is the mother of Malvika Joshi who got admission in MIT without taking the board examination.

When Supriya was asked if more parents want to know about her daughter, she laughs Das she says, They are all interested in knowing how to get into MIT. I just tell them that we never aimed for her admission in MIT. I tell parents to understand what their children like

Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain

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