Sonic Geometry – Synchronicity between Ancient Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Harmonics, and Nature

Sonic Geometry” by Eric Rankin delves into an amazing resonance of Ancient Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Sound Harmonics, and Nature. These two video series as shared here is available on youtube Part1 & Part2.

Watch this video with an open mind and let your spirit delve into the resonance & synchronicity around us.

Some of the key topics covered in these videos:

  • Frequency 432Hz
  • Sumerian civilization

As per the principles of Real Education, when we consider the Universe as our University, there so many things to seek and know.

  • Sonic Geometry 2 13:00 How Fibbonacci numbers are corelated with waves and various natural phenomenas
  • Sonic Geometry 2 18:00 About Pineal Gland and how scientist are still curious about this glad. Probably a harmoic sound could active this and realize our true potential.

Here is the contact information as available in the video.

Vikas Jain: Additional Observations

  • As Sumerians talk about they were given information about some higher being, can this be related to intuition-based knowledge as explained in Ancient Indian System where Vedic knowledge is believed to be revealed through seers during meditation

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Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain

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