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The theme for TEDxXLRI 2020 is ‘Instruments of Change’. Shantanu opens his talk by saying ‘No school for my son’. Shantanu is Home Schooling & Un-Schooling his son Abhiram. This form of schooling has barely entered the Indian culture. He will introduce it and tell if it really works! He is an Indian author and TV panelist. He is an alumnus of XLRI has authored six books. He is also the communication advisor to Baba Ramdev. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Shantanu Gupta’s son Abhiram is not going to school i.e he is homeschooled. Shantanu Gupta is asked these questions by his friends when they come to know, his kids is not going to school:

  • How will he get his 10th and 12th Certificate
  • How will he learn subjects like science and mathematics
  • Is there any financial problem due which they are not sending him to school
  • How will he Socialize etc.?

But when Shantanu asked these friends, why do they send their kids to school… common response is “It’s the norm, child take birth and then he/she is sent to school

After that Shantanu shares the 10 reasons why no school for his son:

  1. In school, there are two-component, curriculum, and teacher who is transacting the curriculum. But are the best brain involved in creating and transacting the curriculum? Then why to settle for “Mediocrity”
  2. A child spends 8 hours in school and then 2-3 hours in the tuition center to clarify the doubts. In senior classes, they go for a coaching center. As per Shantanu, a child typically spends 22000 hours just to get that certificate
  3. Some people have a fear that college will not accept homeschooled whereas Shantanu found out that actually many IVY league colleges prefer homeschool kids. He gave the example of Malvika Joshi who was homeschooled and still cleared MIT
  4. Many companies are even dropping the criteria for the degree to get job
  5. In a school, 90% time is spent in curriculum and 10% in extra curriculum
  6. Every hour is planned by the teacher. The teacher will decide how will you study, when will you study, why will you study. The joy of learning is taken out from the kid
  7. Marks, punishment, etc takes away the self-dignity of the kid
  8. The education system is a Factory model to bring sameness
  9. Learning without a school – Abhiram do activities for fun and in the process, he learns too
  10. When asked about Socializing, Shantanu beautifully explain that they are still living in society and as he has more time, he actively attends all the social events.

AND considering all the given points – There is No School For His Kid

The Real Education views:

  1. An Individual family can take this bold step but even after knowing that this system has so many flaws why are we still not able to make any change to that system. Do share your thoughts in the comment box below
  2. Instead of using the homeschooled word, can we talk about “Real Education of Abhiram”

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