9-Box Grid Model Performance and Potential matrix

The 9-box grid model has been a widely used performance and potential matrix that is an extensively helpful tool for succession planning and development. Although the tool has been known to people for a long time, there are few who truly understand the intricacies of the mechanism and developing a leadership team.

Why 9-Box Grid Model

The 9-box model is powerful because of its simplicity and effectiveness. From the experience of Predictive Success CEO David Lahey, the model works 95% of the time and only runs into trouble when communication is not transparent. The model is composed of 9 boxes arranged on an x and y axis grid, with performance measured along the x-axis, and potential measured along the y-axis. The most valuable position is the top right box, which is composed of those ranking high in both performance and potential. Conversely, the bottom left box is the place for those ranking low in both categories. Amy Barnhill, a successful business woman says “From time to time, organizations ask us how the 9-box Performance Model works in tandems Performance Culture.

Working of the 9-Box Grid Model

“A ‘nine-box grid’ is a matrix tool that is helpful in the evaluation. The plot a company’s talent pool based on two factors, which most commonly are: performance and potential. Typically on the horizontal axis is ‘performance’ measured by performance reviews. On the vertical axis is ‘potential’ referring to an individual’s potential to grow one or more levels in a managerial or professional capacity.Nine-box grids are majorly used during the talent review process. During this process, a group of managers sit and work together to place individuals on the X-Y axis to help to identify who are the highest potential individuals, who needs development, and who needs coaching on performance improvement.”

In short the 9-box model is an effective tool in the succession planning process, however analytics software can help tremendously to obtain the most value from the matrix. Through the use of behavioral and cognitive assessments, one can accurately position an individual on the matrix. Using the leadership competency model, you can easily identify areas that the organization or group can rely on to continually further their leadership capabilities. With the existence of the 9-Grid Model, establishing development strategies and an effective succession plan becomes a simple and definitive process that will lead to a future of formidable leadership.

People in the “High Potential” boxes are also terms as HiPos. These leaders are considered suitable to take up next level profile. High Potential Leaders are always in the radar of senior management.

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